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Dubai traffic management investor to inject over USD60 mln

“The installation of the Smart Traffic Management System will benefit Zimbabwe in a number of ways including the following: enforcement of the law by bringing to book all traffic regulation violators’



A DUBAI-BASED company that specialises in Smart Traffic Management Systems (STMS), Vitronic Machine Vision Middle East, will initially invest between US$60 to 80 million in installation of the Smart Traffic Management System

Cabinet has approved the engagement of Vitronic Machine Vision Middle East in implementing an SMTS in Zimbabwe following a report presented by Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage minister Kazembe Kazembe.

The company visited the country recently to carry out a feasibility study and engage key stakeholders.

The project will be implemented under a Public-Private-Partnership model and will, at inception, be implemented in Harare and Bulawayo Metropolitan provinces.

“The installation of the Smart Traffic Management System will benefit Zimbabwe in a number of ways including the following: enforcement of the law by bringing to book all traffic regulation violators; reduction of road carnage; reduction of traffic congestion in the Central Business District; reduction in corruption as there will be minimal human intervention; improved revenue streams for Government which will be used to improve policing; and improved national security as intelligent cameras will be installed and linked to the database of stolen vehicles and wanted criminals,” reads part of Kazembe’s report.

The company will recover its investment from fines paid for traffic violations through a revenue sharing arrangement.

The company has installed similar systems in a number of countries including Morocco, Rwanda, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and Belarus.

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Zim Community Trailblazers Awards (ZCTA) Call for Entries (5th  Edition)




Nominations for the fifth edition of Zimbabwe’s  most prestigious community awards, the Zim Community Trailblazers Awards 2024 (ZCTA), will be open from today,  Tuesday 2 July 2024  and are closing on  31 November 2024.

The awards, which are aimed at recognising and honouring outstanding achievements within our diverse communities, are a solution-based initiative from Perfection Media (Pvt) Ltd. 

The prestigious event is set for Friday 31 January 2025 at the Harare International Conference Centre.


  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • 1.      Distinguished Tourism Association
  • 2.      Distinguished Hotel Brand
  • 3.      Distinguished Airline Partner
  • 4.      Outstanding Luxury Airport Lounge
  • 5.      Outstanding Luxury Cruise Liner
  • 6.      Outstanding Tourism Industry Professional
  • 7.      Outstanding Tourism Reporter
  • Agriculture
  • 8.      Distinguished Agriculture Inputs Producer
  • 9.      Outstanding Agriculture Empowerment Project
  • 10.  Outstanding Small Scale Farmer
  • 11.  Outstanding Agriculture Reporter
  • Wildlife
  • 12.  Outstanding Safari Operator
  • 13.  Outstanding Wildlife Conservation Project
  • Health Sector
  • 14.  Distinguished Medical Centre
  • 15.  Distinguished Health Champion
  • 16.  Outstanding Pharmaceutical company
  • 17.  Outstanding Health Reporter  
  • Education
  • 18.  Distinguished Higher and Tertiary Education Institute
  • 19.  Outstanding Tertiary Education Technology Hub
  • 20.  Outstanding High School
  • 21.  Outstanding Educationist
  • 22.  Outstanding Education Reporter                                      
  •  Mining
  • 23.  Distinguished Miner
  • 24.  Outstanding Mining Empowerment Project
  • 25.  Outstanding Mining Reporter
  • Service Delivery
  • 26.  Outstanding Urban Municipality
  • 27.  Outstanding Rural District Council
  • Business
  • 28.  Distinguished Real Estate company
  • 29.  Distinguished Businessman                                  
  • 30.  Distinguished  Clean Energy  Champion
  • 31.  Distinguished Telecommunications Company
  • 32.  Businessman of the Year
  • 33.  Outstanding Construction Company
  • 34.  Outstanding Business Couple
  • 35.  Outstanding Business Reporter
  • Community Champions
  • 36.  Distinguished Disability Advocacy Champion                 
  • 37.  Distinguished Social Entrepreneur                                               
  • 38.  Distinguished  Community Leader
  • 39.  Distinguished humanitarian organisation
  • 40.  Outstanding  Anti-Drugs Fight Champion                            
  • 41.  Outstanding Environment Champion                    
  • 42.  Diaspora Community Champion                                             
  • Media Awards
  • 43.     Distinguished Media Association
  • 44.     Distinguished Media Company                 
  • Sport
  • 45.  Distinguished sportsperson               
  • 46.  Outstanding National Sports Team                 
  • 47.  Team of the Year                       
  • Arts
  • 48.  Outstanding Literary Work
  • 49.  Arts Promotion Champion
  • 50.  Outstanding Musician
  •  People’s Choice Award   


All trailblazing Zimbabwean individuals, organisations and partners from our local and the Diaspora communities are invited to submit  entries for  the biggest  awards ceremony in the country.


Potential awardees for the individual awards will present direct entries with their profiles and  brief citations demonstrating why their work should be honoured in their chosen category/ies.

Individuals can submit a maximum of one entry/portfolio per category.

Entries are to be submitted by emailing to:

Further Enquiries: Cell 0776 963414

Note: The selection panel will highly consider how each nominees’ trailblazing work has positively impacted the community.

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Govt suspends urban land allocations

t is therefore imperative that an efficient and transparent system is put in place to ensure that Urban State Land plays a role in facilitating sustainable and functional developments.




GOVERNMENT has temporarily suspended the allocation of State land until an efficient and transparent system that ensures urban State land is key in facilitating sustainable and functional developments is in operation.

According to a press statement issued by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, the moratorium will pave the way for the finalisation of the ongoing process that are reviewing and strengthening existing policy framework and guidelines on the administration and management of Urban State Land.

“In the interest of the public, the Government of Zimbabwe wishes to advise the nation of measures being put in place to enhance the administration and management of Urban State Land.

“The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works is mandated to administer, on behalf of His Excellency, the President, Cde Dr E.D. Mangagwa, Urban State Land, itself a finite heritage resource that is central to the national development thrust as espoused in the National Development Strategy 1 and Vision 2030.

The ministry implored stakeholders including the general public to be patient while the Ministry concludes the process.

“It is therefore imperative that an efficient and transparent system is put in place to ensure that Urban State Land plays a role in facilitating sustainable and functional developments.

“The Ministry therefore wishes to announce the imposition, with immediate effect, of a moratorium on allocation of Urban State Land until further notice.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently  issued June 30 as the deadline for all local authorities to have approved master plans.

At that time only eight of 92 councils had approved plans, making it difficult for the rest of the local authorities to plan for the improvement and delivery of services.

Chitungwiza municipality was this week rescued by Prophet Walter Magaya who is funding the cash-strapped council’s master plan.

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Charamba dismisses ‘Icarus’ audios

‘No one should incite Government into breaking the law by diminishing ZEC’s status as a legal persona’




PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has distanced his principal and government  from leaked audios connected to Wicknell Chivayo, by  insinuating that the offensive name-dropping could have been a way to scare away other business partners following a fallout.

In the audios, a voice that is alleged to be that of Chivayo is bragging to have President Mnangagwa under his wings.

Responding under his X account that uses the pseudonym dhonzamusoro007, Charamba said  that such claims in the audios do not necessarily become true because they have been made .

He added that this smacks of a plot by detractors that is aimed at tarnishing the President’s name.

“WHAT INSANITY: You have business partners who dribble one another. In the ensuing fallout, one of them allegedly name-drops in order to scare away the rest.

On the whole, claims meant to intimidate others involved in a partnership so far away from the domain of Government, cannot be an issue for the President, his Office, or Government as a whole.

He called on the media to interview first Wicknell Chivayo, in order to authenticate the voice clip and to hear his side of the story?

“Why does one get the sense there is a determination to sow and cultivate mere tall claims whose relationship to the media-accused is yet to be proven, hoping that such claims will one day attach to the President, grow and mature into some nonexistent scandal enormous enough to trip him? Nothing can be more insane!”

Charamba added that that ZEC was an independent Commission protected by the law and no one should incite the Government into breaking the law by diminishing ZEC’s status as a legal persona.

“It enters into contracts as it sees fit, and in terms of the laws of the country. Government may not interfere in its decisions, without raising fundamental questions on the Commission’s independence.

“No one should incite Government into breaking the law by diminishing ZEC’s status as a legal persona.

“Besides, it cannot answer for itself. No one has approached it for a comment, in the current mad stampede to self-interview, and to become a self-appointed jury.

“Starlink is not a government parastatal and  Who it goes into partnership with is its business. Unless one is beside oneself, one cannot cite CDE Chivhayo’s deal with Starlink – whatever it is or amounts to – as evidence that he is being favored in the award and issuance of Government tenders.”

There is no Government in Starlink; there is no Govt tender either! His Excellency the President merely announced Government’s authorization of the service, after positive recommendations from a Cabinet Committee set up to advise Government on the prudence or otherwise of allowing the satellite service in the country.

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