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Setina Mandiveyi plots to shine

“I love music, it’s my source of strength and it’s a powerful way of expressing my self. Above all, when I sing I feel connected with other people and music brings joy.”



AWARD-WINNING musician Setina Mandiveyi is ending her musical sabbatical with her fifth album aptly titled Simuka.

The album is set to be launched on 17 April 2024 at National FM radio.

Mandiveyi revealed to Zim Community News  that her break was as a result of the challenges she had faced following the death of her siblings.

In addition to that, they were difficulties in balancing her work and family commitments.

“The last few years have been really challenging.

“I had started this album in 2021, however I had to stop when I lost my two siblings.”

The ZCN Award winner is grateful that her love for music has triggered her decision to revive the album launch.

“I love music, it’s my source of strength and it’s a powerful way of expressing my self. Above all, when I sing I feel connected with other people and music brings joy.”

Mandiveyi added that her songs convey a deeper personal meaning to anyone who might be going through difficulties or challenges in life.

“I believe each and every one of us had a fall at some point, however I believe getting back on your feet is extremely important.

“It’s not that easy but need to be done. I find my strength in prayer, and I believe in prayer there’s an answer.

Songs that are  lined up for the eight-track  offering  produced by  Forward Mazuruse from Music For Development  include Gore renyasha, Zimbabwe (Featuring known group), Ndinoda Jesu, Dima, Tariro, Tenderere and Gutsikanai

She is happy with the album’s quality and its message made so far in terms of preparations for the launch.

“The main theme of the album is encouraging perseverance, determination, hope, faith and achievement.

“Special thanks go to my family, my producer who has been very patient, and all the people who have been there for me and all my fans.”

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Why Albert Nyathi is Zim’s distinguished poet

Apart from being poet the multi-talented  Nyathi is also  a writer, actor, music producer, storyteller and philanthropist.




SINCE  leaving the university in 1991, The Zim Community Trailblazers Awards 2023 Distinguished Poet awardee Albert Nyathi  has had the opportunity to travel around the world mainly to do performances as a poet and entertainer.

Apart from being poet the multi-talented  Nyathi is also  a writer, actor, music producer, storyteller and philanthropist.

Countries he  has toured include Denmark, Holland, Belgium Hawaii (USA),England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Switzerland, Russia, Wales, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sicily (Italy), Libya, Algeria and Sweden among others.

He has also been involved in poetry writing and performance workshops in schools, colleges as well as tertiary institutions in numerous countries that include Zimbabwe, Botswana, Hawaii, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

From 1998 to date Albert has championed AIDS awareness, gender awareness,
environmental and climate change programmes, voluntary medical male circumcision,
fund-raising projects and music productions on behalf of many organisations.

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Zim Community Trailblazers Awards

Dr Vivek Solanki shines

Dr Vivek Solanki calls on gvt to revisit Zim advertising regulations




Dr Vivek Solanki's speech after winning the Zim Community Trailblazers Distinguished Doctor award

Dr Solanki awards ZCTA acceptance speech

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ZCTA Innovative Live Show winner Blessing Deve’s profile

I surrender completely to the Holy Spirit so that He will flow through me at His will to His people




Photo: Shutterstock



Gospel music minister, Worship Leader, Entrepreneur and Women’s Advocate


Blessing Deve is a gospel music minister and a devoted follower of Christ who is passionate to deliver good news to people across the world in song. She is also an entrepreneur, a business development officer for a thriving media broadcaster and she serves in the worship and women’s ministry in her local church. Blessing is a proud mother of three and an advocate for women.


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Blessing believes her call to the music ministry came at a very tender age.  She spent most of her upbringing in church owing to the strong Christian family within which she was raised, which laid a foundation to her deep love for God. It is in that time that the passion to serve God through music was ignited within her and she began participating in various choirs and music groups. Some of the choirs and music groups include: Voices of Worship, a non-denominational music outfit which she founded and codirected, as well as an acapella singing group called Sweet Fellowship within the AFM church where she once served. Blessing currently serves as a worship leader in the United Family International Church (UFIC) choir under the mentorship of Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa.

Musical Inspiration

Blessing maintains that the key to her music ministry is simply acknowledging Jesus Christ, the owner of the gift and giving Him centre stage in all she does. Her deep spirituality comes through in each and every song and ministration as she states, “Each opportunity I have to minister, I surrender completely to the Holy Spirit so that He will flow through me at His will to His people”.  The goal and major highlight for her is to witness the move of God visibly touching lives and deliverance through moments of ministration.

Although she is deeply Christ-centred in her approach to music, Blessing also draws inspiration from other musicians both internationally and locally in her home country Zimbabwe. Internationally she is inspired by acclaimed worshippers such as Sinach, Cece Winans, Darlene Zschech and the gospel outfit Hillsong. As such, the sound in her music also takes an international feel in line with her vision and desire to touch people across the world. Although she sees the world as her pulpit, Blessing remains profoundly connected within her local Zimbabwean music field drawing inspiration from other fellow local musicians some of whom she has shared the stage with. These include people like Minister Michael Mahendere, Janet Manyowa, Hannah Mapepeta and Jane Doka.

Music Discography

Blessing stepped out as a solo gospel music artist with the release of her debut album God is able in 2016. Craftily produced by exceptionally talented award-winning producer Nigel Nyangombe, the seven-track album captures Blessing’s heart and music outlook. It features songs which draw and point people to God as the source of hope. Blessing says that she wrote and composed these songs at a time when she was going through various transitions in her life where she found comfort and guidance in God who is able. Some of the tracks which still touch many people today include the title track God is able – a song close to Blessing’s heart which reminds people that God is a God of impossibilities. The same album features the song Ngatifare (let us rejoice) which is a song of gratitude. The album was succeeded by a singletrack Zita raJesu (the name of Jesus) produced in 2020, a song that exalts the name of Jesus Christ. Zita raJesu was so well received by the general public that it was recognised on the gospel music charts on major music stations in Zimbabwe including ZiFM Radio and StarFM Radio. Zita raJesu was number one for 6 consecutive on ZiFM Radio.

Following the release and success of Zita raJesu, Blessing successfully hosted a live worship experience in December 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic which she entitled ‘The Blessed Encounter’. She performed and ministered her songs live before a virtual audience who were greatly ministered to and gave positive comments and feedback during and after the event. Videos from the Blessed Encounter are available on her YouTube channel. Blessing is currently in the studio working on her third offering which will be another single release coming out soon.

Accolades and acknowledgements

Blessing was given a prize of a solar kit worth US$1500 for the success of Zita raJesu topping the charts on number one on ZiFM Radio for 6 consecutive weeks. The prize was sponsored by the company Voltman Solar, a major retail and wholesale supplier of renewable energy equipment and systems in Zimbabwe. Since then she has been attracting the interest of corporates, which is not an easy thing for most gospel musicians in Zimbabwe. Other corporates like the chemical and cosmetics brand Kusi Chemicals, a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning products, services, and equipment in Zimbabwe, have endorsed Blessing’s music and made her their brand ambassador. The endorsements have included extension of financial and logistical support to her ministry. God’s hand and favour on her ministry is seen in these major endorsements as well as numerous divine helpers supporting her music in various ways.

Other activities

Blessing is a growing adroit business entrepreneur in the beauty industry. She owns a beauty spa called B’s Nail and Beauty Bar, which aims to boost women’s confidence and selfesteem in the area of beauty. Blessing says that seeing her clients happy after a total makeover motivates her to continue improving her services in the nail and beauty business. Blessing is also a Business Development Officer for the giant media broadcaster Christ TV which has a global reach of an estimated 10 million worldwide. Outside music, work and church activities, Blessing enjoys talking to and counselling fellow women and girls in line with her goal to be an advocate for women. She aspires to be a talk show host in the near future and is in the process of writing a book.

Media links

Social Media Handles 

YouTube: @Blessing Deve 

Facebook @Blessing Deve Official

Instagram @blessing_deve

Store Links 

Godsent App Buddie beats Apple Music

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